We have been following closely the recent developments related to the cases of coronavirus (COVID 19) in our area.  

At Beth-El Farmworker Ministry, we want to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our staff, volunteers, clients, and visitors.

During the Tuesday food distribution we receive the biggest influx of traffic at the mission. For the last two distributions, we have encouraged our clients, staff, and volunteers to follow these basic guidelines:

  • wash hands regularly
  • wear gloves while working
  • use sanitizer bottles available at all stations
  • stay at home if you have any signs of illness.

As a precaution, starting next Tuesday, March 17, 2020, we are testing a “drive thru” food distribution that will limit public access on campus, to keep most activities outdoors.

The Tiendita (Clothes) will be closed to facilitate this system until further notice.  The Tiendita (Home Goods) will be open for shoppers.

We will continue to consult with health agencies, Feeding Tampa Bay, and USDA to take necessary precautions, while ensuring our community has access to food and essential items.

If you have questions write to us at

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