Volunteers are always welcomed at Beth-El!    We have many needs that cannot be accomplished with our limited staff, so we depend heavily on volunteers.   As examples:  St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in nearby Sun City Center comes each Wednesday to help package food bags that help restock the Food Pantry shelves.   Peace Presbyterian Church from Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota County comes each Thursday to continue packing supplies. But we also need volunteers on Mondays to help finalize the packaging for distribution the following day.

During different parts of the year we are in need of folks to help us pack over 700 backpacks for the return to school in late summer.   Near Christmas time, we are blessed to be able to distribute gifts to approximately 1000 migrant farm workers’ children and we rely heavily on volunteers to help us sort and bundle the gifts to the preregistered children.

Sorting of donations, clothes and food, is another important function that volunteers provide.  In the summer we generally have over twenty youth groups that come to Beth-El to help with our needs and to assist community members with repairs at their residences.

Also, you do not have to be affiliated with a church to give us a hand.  We will welcome you and the talents you bring, even if you can only spare a couple of hours.

Contact our Community Outreach Manager  for further information at outreach@beth-el.org.


The Beth-El Farmworker Ministry, Inc. has created the Beth-El Endowment Fund to make it possible for you to show your care and concern for migrant farmworkers throughout your lifetime and beyond.  A gift to the Beth-El Endowment Fund will support the Mission’s continuing efforts to welcome, educate and encourage migrant farmworkers in their many struggles. The Mission will tap only the growth and earnings from this Fund, meaning your donation will continue to support farmworkers long after your lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.— Why should I make financial decisions like this now?

A.— Planning the distribution of your assets can help you sort out your priorities while giving thanks and praising God for your blessings. As you plan, should your priorities include supporting an outreach to migrant farmworkers, we invite you to consider Beth-El.

Q.— What type of gifts can be made to the Fund?

A.— All types of financial gifts can be made to the Beth-El Endowment Fund. The simplest form is a bequest, written into your will, simply stating the amount or portion of your estate you would like to leave to the Beth-El Endowment Fund. Planned gifts, the wide variety of life income plans, and life insurance policies are some of the many other ways you can make a substantial gift to ensure the continuation of our outreach to farmworkers.

Q.— Where is the money invested?

A.— The funds of the Beth-El Endowment Fund are invested with the oldest charitable foundation in America, the Presbyterian Church (USA) Foundation, founded in 1799. This foundation has over $2 billion in assets and follows a policy of socially responsible investing. The PC(USA) Foundation provides the assistance of a local professional Development Officer, well versed in the details of creating various life income plans and deferred gifts.

Q.— What areas of service can be endowed?

A.— Endow the Fund-A-Future Society to provide the programs and facilities for a top quality education program for preschool education, elementary school, middle school, and adult education, all aimed at the special needs of recent immigrants from Latin American countries.

         Endow the position of Pastor – to ensure that a well-educated, ordained, and compassionate bilingual pastor is always available to guide and provide pastoral care to new immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries.  

         Endow the position of Education Director – to ensure that quality children’s programs are available for the children of farmworkers who struggle to adapt to a new country and grow and learn in a language that their parents do not understand.  

        Endow the Sanctuary and Administrative Building program – to provide a place for worship and modern office space for the staff to expand and improve the many programs of the Mission in an orderly and efficient manner.  

        Endow any other aspect of our operations that interests you and that you wish to see continue.  

Q.— What kind of gifts can be made to the the Beth-El Endowment Fund?

A.— Some of the ways that you can endow the Beth-El Fund:

  • Cash
  • Cash pledged over a period of years
  • Appreciated Stock
  • Bequest Through Wills
  • Bonds, Mutual Funds
  • CDs, Savings and Checking Accounts

        Gift Annuity

        Deferred Gift Annuity

        Pooled Income Fund

        Charitable Remainder Trusts

        Charitable Lead  Trust

        Revocable Charitable Living Trust

        Life Insurance (existing)

        Life Insurance (new)

        Retirement Accounts

        Personal Property

        Real Estate

        Real Estate with Life Tenancy

        In-Kind Gifts

        Tax-deferred Assets (IRA, etc.)

Q.— How Can I Learn More?  

A.— Visit us at 18240 South Highway 301, Wimauma, Florida. Call our Exec. Director, Rev. Kathleen (Kathy) Dain at 813-633-1548, as she will be able to answer many of your questions and to arrange a meeting with the Foundation’s local Development Officer.