Every Thursday our teams travel to farms to bring food and essentials to farmworkers.  This is an important service because due to the long hours of work and limited transportation many farmworkers cannot come to the mission.   This November we want to enhance our service by showing our appreciation for their lives and work by bringing with us prepared meals.  This is a great opportunity for a church, civic organization, or business team to engage in meaningful service.

These are the dates available:

October 29, 2020

November 5, 12, 19

General Guidelines

  • Church or Organization sponsoring LUNCH AT THE FARMS will prepare food at their own facility. (Must use gloves during preparations.)
  • All food, condiments, food containers, drinks, and ice will be provided by sponsor.
  • Meal should include cold main dish, sides, and drink.
  • Lunch will be prepacked in a clam shell foam sealable container or similar.
  • The prepared lunch may be taken and stored at Beth-El 3 days prior to day at the farm.(Drinks & food will be stored in walk in refrigeration.)
  • Maximum of 4 volunteers may participate in serving lunch at the farm (Must wear mask and gloves.)
  • Beth-El can provide transportation to and from farm (4 people max).
  • A total of 3 vehicles will be permitted to travel to and from the farm.

  1. MAIN DISH LUNCH SUGGESTIONS (not limited to)
    1. Tuna Sandwich or Wrap
    2. Egg Salad Sandwich or Wrap
    3. Ham & Cheese Sandwich or Wrap
    4. Chicken Sandwich or Wrap
  1. SIDE DISH LUNCH SUGGESTIONS (not limited to)
    1. Fruit Cups
    2. Side Salads
    3. Pasta Salad
    4. Veggie Cups
    5. Pudding Cups
    6. Chips
    7. Cookies
  1. DRINKS (not limited to)
    1. Bottled Water
    2. Any Bottled or Canned Juice or Tea

For more information contact Operations Manager,

Roberto Villadoniga at roberto@beth-el.org or call 813-633-1548 x.224