The following list provides more details on programs and projects that need varying levels of expertise.  Please call if you see a program or project that interests you!

Food Pantry Distribution Program:  Tuesdays, we register recipients and distribute food items to as many as 400 families.  Process begins at 9:00 AM and is completed when food bags are depleted or all recipients are served.  We close the distribution at 2:00 PM.  We can use individual volunteers or groups on a rotating basis.  This program requires light to moderate lifting, and standing.

Food Pantry Preparation Program:  Every Wednesday, Thursday and most Mondays, we fill and make ready the following Tuesday’s food distribution.  This is a morning project and requires light to moderate lifting, and standing.

Building and Grounds Maintenance Program:  There is always sprucing up to do around our facilities.  Work may include painting and cleaning on the inside, and mowing and weeding on the outside.  Scheduling can be accommodated on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Volunteers are welcomed for the occasional visit or for scheduled commitments.  This program has opportunities for all levels of physicality.

 “Cena Comunitaria” Program:  We host a dinner for farm workers and neighbors, serving approximately 60 individuals. The need is great!  This program is a great ministry for groups.  Each group plans, provides, serves, and clean-up.  The dinner is served by 5:30 PM and ends at 7:30 PM.  While Beth-El staff is available, it is the team of volunteers that coordinates and manages all efforts for the dinner.  We hope groups will volunteer on a rotating basis.  Any food not consumed may be packaged and we will see that it gets to those in need the following day(s).  Please call to schedule your team!

Mission Interior Painting Project:  The lobby and hallways in the mission are in need of fresh paint.  This is a terrific mission project for a group(s)!  If you can donate to this project, a 5 gallon bucket of paint costs approximately $120.  We could use three or four of these buckets.  Saturday access to the building may be scheduled. This project is COMPLETED!

Clean, Wax, and Buff Mission Floors Project:  Tile floors in common areas need deep cleaning, waxing, and buffing, and rooms with carpet require shampooing.  Dates and off-hours may be scheduled. 

Restroom Refurbishing Project:  Some of this project requires a certified and licensed plumber and maybe an electrician, too.  We would like to replace ceramics.  If you have these kinds of expertise, please call now!   This project is COMPLETED!

Warehouse Demolition Project:  In preparation for the warehouse expansion, the old warehouse needs to be removed.  We also need a temporary storage unit(s) to house materials and supplies until the warehouse expansion is completed.  This project has potential for being dangerous and requires heavy equipment.  This project is COMPLETED!

Warehouse Expansion Project:  We are building out the existing warehouse footprint and installing a new building.  Efforts for funding and scheduling vendors is commencing.  This project will improve our storage capacity and better manage the food pantry!  Incremental to this project is the need for warehouse equipment such as an electric hand jack, tow motor/forklift, warehouse shelving, etc.

Playground Equipment and Deck Removal Project:  Thanks to a couple of college student groups this project is COMPLETED!!!